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Choosing a Therapist - Be sure your therapist adheres to a recognized Code of Conduct

All therapists should ascribe to a code of ethical practice. While the language of the code of conduct may differ from therapist to therapist; the following points should be addressed:

  • Client modesty and comfort will always be respected
  • Adequate privacy and draping will be provided to assure modesty and comfort for the client
  • The client is entitled to privacy in respect of his or her body, and his or her medical condition(s)
  • The client will not be discriminated against in any fashion
  • No therapist will engage in sexual behavior with the client

To determine the type of massage that is right for you, ask a qualified, professional therapist to recommend the type of massage appropriate for your situation.

There are many different styles of massage and bodywork. The most common type is called “Swedish Massage” where the therapist applies oil or lotion to glide over the skin and knead the muscles.

Click here for a list of Different Types of Massage

By searching our Therapist Directory you will find qualified, Licensed Massage Therapists who not only meet the educational requirements of New York State, but many who have advanced training in specific techniques.

You may also search for your therapist's credentials online at the NYS Education - Office of Professions. Searches can be performed by name or license number.


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