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  • 11 Feb 2017 9:49 AM | Board of Directors (Administrator)

    Swedish Institute Massage jobs

    Swedish Institute is hiring licensed massage therapists and school alumni

    for a Graduate Clinic serving the Chelsea community by offering high-quality therapeutic and relaxation massage therapy at competitive prices.

    The Graduate Clinic will operate at its beginning with two night-time shifts, Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a maximum of three one-hour massages per shift. Therapists who join our team will be expected to report to the Clinic by 5 p.m. to help with setting up the rooms the night or nights they are assigned and stay until we are certain that no other walk-in clients will be arriving.

    Each LMT will be paid at the rate of $30 per hour as independent contractors. Therapists will not be paid for idle time, but will be paid for late cancellations or no-shows.

    Although licensed, all therapists will be under supervision and mentorship of a faculty member, and will be required to complete onsite SOAP notes the same night of treatment.

    Ideal candidates share the Graduate Clinic’s core values of service, gratitude, education, compassion, creativity, and teamwork. Humility, professionalism and accountability are also of the utmost importance. Although our optimum candidate would include someone with one or more years of experience, recently licensed therapists who embody our team’s values are encouraged to apply.

    All therapists would be expected to provide the following up-to-date documentation: Registration, License and Insurance. Therapists must also attend a mandatory orientation on a day prior to the opening of the Clinic.

    All interested therapists should provide a cover letter and a resume as attachments and e-mail them to the Clinic Director, Scott Dietsch, at

    Thank you for applying!

    Swedish Institute - Professional Continuing Education

    226 West 26th Street

    New York, NY 10001

    t. 212.924.5900 x146 f. 212.924.7600

    (posted by D.H. Williams)

  • 19 Nov 2016 7:19 PM | Board of Directors (Administrator)

    Your welcome to download the following checklist as a guide.

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    If you want to get your website up and running and Socially connected twice as fast and in half the time then check out the upcoming Bootcamp Class.

    Warmest regards and may you prosper!

    Denise H. Williams

    The LMT Geek who loves to teach

  • 13 Nov 2016 5:27 PM | Board of Directors (Administrator)

    Google VoiceHere's a solution for privacy and safety which is a concern for many solo massage therapists especially if you work out of your home. Consider Google Voice as a solution. With Google voice the call will be forwarded to your designated number (cell, landline, etc). 

    Check out the following  video which explains Google Voice:

    Hope this helps you - Warmest regardsBe well and prosper,
    Denise H. Williams. LMT

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