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    • 21 Apr 2018
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Holiday Inn - Mt. Kisco 1 Holiday Inn Drive, Mt. Kisco, NY 10549
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    Divine Supine


    Presented by:   Susan Gelbman,B.A., LMT

    A class for LMT's in treating clients in the supine and side lying positions.

    Learning Objectives

    1. Increasing palpation skills for the areas of caution, such as the face, jaw, anterior throat, sternum, upper chest, abdomen, pelvis, and feet. BRIEF REVIEW

    2. Understanding the importance of treating the conditions of the posterior body via supine, as in the relationship between opposing muscle and skeletal groups. Conditions such as, cervical tensions, enlarged thoracic curve, shoulder tightness, and lumbar and sacral tension and discomfort. BRIEF REVIEW

    3. Addressing the very common conditions such as stress, anxiety, and digestive disorders, which typically are not specifically addressed in a therapeutic/medical massage. Along with palpation skills, breathing techniques as well as verbal dialogue to develop trust and enhance the effects of the hands-on treatment. BRIEF REVIEW

    4. Focus will be on lower half of body: abdominal area, psoas, quadriceps, IT band, knee, calf and shin muscles.  The plantar portion of the feet, as well as the entire foot and will be addressed.

    5. Movement and positioning of the lower limb will be addressed, including massage to the hamstrings and gastrocnemius muscle.

    6. Side-Lying position: Topics include bolstering, protocol, and conditions.

    7. Areas/conditions to be addressed: head, face, jaw, neck, shoulders, anterior and posterior upper ribs, lumbar region, sacrum/coccyx,  gluteal muscles, IT band, lower leg, ankle and feet.

    8. Demonstrations and hands-on time will be the focus of this course.

    9. Body mechanics and therapist self-care will be addressed throughout the class.

    Instructor Bio:

    Susan Gelbman, B.A., LMT

    After receiving her B.A. at Binghamton University, Susan discovered massage therapy and headed right into the licensing program at the NY College of Professions, graduating in 1986.

    Her large breadth of experience includes relaxation instructor, yoga practitioner, meditator, sound and energy healer and mother.  Ms. Gelbman adds dimensions of compassion and insight that are continuing to evolve with each person she meets.

    Teaching massage therapy students at Queensborough Community College and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine has opened her to a world of healing and learning dedicated to both touch and verbal communication.  Massage therapy is a unique and empowering profession and holistic modality for both the LMT and the client.

    Currently in private practice and in a corporate wellness program, Susan  has experience working in spas, chiropractic offices, and assisted living facilities. My self-care classes are for all ages. Care-givers and the elderly especially benefit from my rich scope of expertise in movement, breathing and personal self-massage.


    I have been receiving massage therapy from Susan for several years. I work out 3 times/week and play golf.  She knows how to relieve my back and hip pain and remove tension and stiffness from my sore muscles. During therapy she relaxes my body and I go into a meditative state. I highly recommend Susan. - Steve C.

    I saw Susan suffering from great discomfort and pain. After one session I no longer have radiating pain to my left arm. My range of motion is improved for both neck and left arm, with pain level half of what it was. I can't thank you enough! It was an enlightening, enlivening, invigorating experience! - Matthew P.

    --- 6 NYS CE Hour Workshop  ---

            Our Continuing Education Hours can be used by LMT’s, PT’s, Chiropractors, Nurses, Acupuncturists, and other healthcare professionals.    

    Conveniently located in by car or train!
    1 Holiday Inn Drive 
    Mt. Kisco, NY   10549

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    What to Bring:  Massage tables, sheets, towel, Unscented lotion/oil, lunch/snack, business cards

    Cancellation/Refund Policy:
    Refund allowed up to one week prior to event. 
    Afterwards, money credited towards future event or membership dues. 
    A $50 Administrative Fee to be applied to cancellation, 
    refund or credit requests.

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