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4 Steps to Becoming a Client Magnet

Massage client magnet

Like many of my colleagues, I entered the field of massage therapy trying desperately to be a “Jill of all Trades”. More is not necessarily better. Much to my surprise, narrowing my clientele focus resulted in a huge uptick in new and repeat clients. Here’s how I achieved a thriving private practice – you can too!

Focus Ideal Massage Client1. FOCUS: Narrow your focus by defining who your ideal client is (while bearing in mind your skill set and interests).

    Example: I gravitated toward clinically based/goal focused massage therapy as opposed to general relaxation work, hence the first items to be jettisoned from my menu services were hot stone massage, Swedish relaxation massage.

    Already a practicing therapist? You’re one step ahead, you probably have an idea who your ideal client is. If you are a new therapist, first decide what type of massage you are best at delivering, then define what type of client would be most attracted to your goal-focused massage therapy practice.

    Be the solution
    2. BE THE SOLUTION: Identify the problem of your ideal client. First ask yourself “what keeps my ideal client up at night?” then BE THEIR SOLUTION!
    Example: The most frequent reason for initially scheduling a massage appointment in my office was for a painful orthopedic condition (example: shin splints in runners). Repeat visits were usually required resolve the condition.

    Talk and Listen to Clients

    3. TALK TO THEM: Change your messaging (website, Facebook posts etcetera) to speak directly to your ideal client’s problem. Excite them with engaging content and pictures that address their unique problems. Know what issues your potential new client is struggling with then consciously position your practice as their best possible solution.

    TIP: stay away from jargon unless your ideal client is a very informed health profession person such as a medical doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist.

    social media class4. GET SOCIAL: Connect with prospective clients via Social Media & Review sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp – Business Profiles)
    Share mostly educational and practical content (as opposed to overt sales pitches) to position yourself as an expert.
    Example: I often shared self-care advice and solutions to common running injuries on the New York Road Runners Facebook page after their weekly coaches live stream video.

    Tip: use your Face business profile NOT your personal profile

    Warmest regards and may you prosper,
    Denise H. Williams
    (The LMT Geek who loves to teach!)

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    About the Instructor:
    Denise Williams, the LMT Geek who loves to teach,  recently retired from her successful Midtown Manhattan massage practice. When she is not busy creating natural body care products, she enjoys demystifying technology and marketing to help her colleagues succeed.

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